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Ashley High School Homework Policy

This policy was adopted / updated: September 2015
This policy will be reviewed: September 2017
Lead Teacher/Co-ordinator: Diane Wilson


We believe that learning at home as well as at school is an essential part of our pupils’ education. Homework provides valuable opportunities to improve pupil learning, develop independent learning, and lifelong study habits. It is an essential part of the learning journey in all subjects across school.


  • Reinforce positive attitudes to work
  • Encourage independence, self-organisation and self-discipline
  • Reinforce, broaden and extend the school curriculum
  • Consolidate and extend class work, demonstrate progress and understanding
  • Reflect and provide feedback on their achievements
  • Develop home/school partnership
  • Prepare pupils for life opportunities and experiences

Types of Homework

Homework tasks should be set to reflect ongoing class work across the curriculum. The list below is not exhaustive.

Homework can take the form of:

  • A specific self-contained project, exercise or task, based on previous class work
  • Further examples of tasks undertaken in class and is designed to reinforce what has been learned
  • Completing work begun in class
  • Reviewing, and, if appropriate, memorising what has been learned in class
  • Follow-up work to assessment, in ensuring that the pupil learns from errors
  • Researching at home or school facilities using a variety of sources including ICT

Time allocation

On average a pupil should expect to receive the following:-

  • Yrs 7,8 & 9: anywhere between 1 hour to 1˝ hours per week
  • Yr 10: anywhere between 1 hour to 2 hours per week
  • Yrs 11: anywhere between 1 hour to 2 ˝ hours per week. Pupils will be allocated homework depending on the exam subjects being studied

(The suggested times are a guidance for minimum – maximum task requirements)


The role of the pupil:

  • To ensure homework is written in pupil planner
  • To complete and hand in homework on time
  • To return to class/subject teacher if unclear about task, before the deadline

The role of the class teacher:

  • Set clear guidelines and deadlines for homework tasks
  • Provide help and support where required
  • Return homework promptly with appropriate feedback

The role of the parent:

  • Provide a quiet space to work. If this is difficult, encourage their child to use school facilities. (Homework club or ICT club every lunchtime)
  • Supporting their child to plan how and when to complete all tasks, recognising that time management is a key skill
  • Checking over work where possible, and supporting in the learning of information
  • Checking the pupil planner each week, and if necessary using the planner to communicate with the teacher if issues arise

Managing Homework

Class and subject teachers are responsible for ensuring that the demands of homework are manageable for pupils and parents and carers. They will also ensure there are regular patterns to homework, particularly in literacy and numeracy.


Homework will be marked in accordance with the Marking Policy.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Senior Leadership Team will monitor the implementation of this policy and collate feedback from parents/carers, staff and pupils. This will be used to inform the review of the homework policy.