Ashley Sixth Form

Teamwork, Personal Skills and Citizenship

The BTEC Level 1 in Teamwork, Personal Skills and Citizenship qualification aims to increase learner's involvement in the community through participation in youth organisations.

This interactive programme has proven to be a vital element in re-engaging young people in education and providing a vital pathway for those who need a different way to show their skills and abilities. The BTEC Level 1 training and development courses enable young people to:

  • Develop knowledge, understanding and skills that support their personal and career interests into employment
  • Develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in education and in working life
  • Achieve a nationally recognised Edexcel/Pearson Level 1 BTEC qualification
  • Access programmes of study that can enable progression to a Level 2 qualification

This means colleges, universities and employers gain a better understanding and an appreciation of these skills, which creates a clearer path between youth groups, further education and the workplace.